Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Taxi from Midvalley to CAPRI Fraser Hotel Residences, Bangsar South City

I parked my car in the morning in Midvally so that I can go to CAPRI by Fraser Hotel Residences before noon. So the taxi fare is RM6, actually is RM5.10 but taxi driver demand for RM6. 

I asked the information counter about where to take the taxi. The route is about 15 minutes, it is not very far but you can't walk to there at all. 

My friend told me they parked the car there and it cost them RM5 flat rate if get chop from the event organiser. 

Since I don't want to risk of no parking in Midvalley, I decided to park there to go the Hotel. It's my first time to CAPRI, about the parking ticket you need check if the stamp is on the barcode then it is not valid for machine to read. So you need to intercom the guard to come open the gate. :(

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