Thursday, June 11, 2015

Funny post to share

This is so funny, so this person assume all bloggers are so free to go attend. If the place is near me, I don't mind but it's far and think of fuel and parking. Don't forget going is one way, coming back is another way, yesterday I had terrible jam on way back home from 6pm to 8.10pm to reach home. 

Well, someone posted about 2 hours mobile app, it attracted many bloggers. I didn't comment any but the person contacted me instead... so my question is that simple what's the goodie since she nonstop saying goodies will be given on the day.. .read on to find out..

I m sorry to inform we do not provide cost as well.

As a thank you for your time to attend our humble event, 

we are giving items sponsored by our partners including travel skincare products and gift vouchers.

If you are free and can spare 2 hours on that day, you are welcomed to attend. 

We are not a multi-million Company, 

we also making this mobile app to help merchants and give benefits to user at no cost. 

So, we just hope bloggers can enjoy their time at the event and get to know more about what we are doing for the society. 

Thank you for your reply....

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