Sunday, June 21, 2015

Genting Highland here we come again

Wanna guess, which is my son above in the picture?

I can't wait for this to happen again, we were there few weeks back and we are going again. Our last visit was during June's School Holiday, yeah but we are going up again soon. For our last trip, do check out my son's blog post by clicking on the link.

The last trip we didn't go as family but this time we can because we have got two rooms, myself and my son's having a room as well. He's Resorts World Genting Young Blogger Ambassador so he's getting a room, it's going to be exciting as my 4 years old first time taking a bus. I have arrange hoping to get a connection room for my family. We get to stay a night and review the First World Hotel, Tower 2 Annex Room. Can't wait to get into these room to find out. Stay tune to find out from our blogs (my blog and my son's blog).

My son with interest in blogging same as me, I am proud of him. His favourite subject is English so I have encourage him to type in English. My Bahasa Cina is not very good, so I can't teach him to write in Chinese. That's why he needs help/guide from tuition for weak subjects.

It's not just about education but also letting to enjoy what he loves. Yesterday attended the Butterflymsia Blogging 101 Workshop, I met a blogger friend and she told me a sad true story. A teenager aged 15 years old apparently suicide after the tuition lesson. It's sad to know about this, no matter what as parent we also need to chat with children. Don't just let them do what they love doing or they are not communicating with us we can approach them.

Don't neglect our children, spend time with them. Talk to them, it's fun sharing the same interest together if you have any like going for movie. My son and I like to watch Jurassic Park, so we watched Jurassic World movie just the other day with my mom as well. I am glad it's a fun movie for all of us, if it's a horror movie my son wouldn't want to watch. Though I don't mind watching with my mom as I am brought up by mom to watch horror movies together.

How about you? What type of movie do you like to watch?

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