Wednesday, September 6, 2017

August go September comes

Yeah it's another month and it's gonna be busy month as well. Last month August and my dear's salary is not out yet. Sad to see that happened, it's the first time and I it's tough so we need to save on shopping and spending.

If there's job I would go for it but depends as well because Sean has got tuition classes and need to be fetch from school also his little brother. I need to find rider as well for them if I go for the job.

When you are saying money is not everything but it does matter as money is where I need to use for paying the bills, the fees of school and tuition and many more. The car doesn't use water but petrol. Not going the events that I am invited only a few that I attending. I do see the place and time as I can't make it to all, if near public transportation I might considered.

Balance the lifestyle as attending to kids on their needs and guidance on homework. The last weekend we spend went to IOI Mall Puchong, such a long time no go there and spend more than 5 hours there. The Good Cake Shop was open there at the new wing! So many people queuing for it and my sister-in-law and sons to go for queue. One person entitled to redeem a full cake! What a deal that you can't resist, the yummy Taiwan cake! My dear also went for the queue that time was 2.40pm and he queue about 1 hour to get the cake, as it freshly bake so everyone got to wait for it.Just need take photo of the shop then tag 3 friends and the shop with the hashtags.

Well that's how my weekend goes, how about you?

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