Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Busy lifestyle but family first

Happy day to me as my 2nd sister called me up in the afternoon while I just park the car near school to wait for son finish class at 1.30pm. Guess what?! She is in town this two days and she is with sister and mom nearby. She asked me to meet up with them for lunch and glad I do so. After send son home then I have a quick toilet break and then I go. Parking next to the mall, which is another mall I parked.

Another sister called me to say where they are eating now, so I go joined them for lunch. After lunch they have gone into the fashion outlet. My sister says that we have not meet over a year, I do missed her so much.

Just 2 days she is back and 2 hours we all spend together, yeah its a short time but I am very happy we get to meet and have a chat. She bought some bras at the mall as she need new bras. Glad she had done shopping before me as she say they are about to arrive the mall in 10minutes. But I am still 35 minutes away!

She kept a spicy chicken for me but I didn't take spicy chicken so I ordered the burger instead. I seldom eat spicy chicken as I do eat spicy burger. I can't take too spicy food. Sister bought me a new top and a pair of jeans. I am happy for that as she says she wants to give me presents. I given her an organic product for consume as well and also skincare care products too. Sound like we have a good time exchange gifts. Yeah I also have help mom to dye her hair and also give another sister some skincare products.

I send son for tuition then he called me again that he forgot about a book to bring. So I need to go back to collect for him and then mom is already ready to shower as they heading back to another town. Sadly I didn't make it to see them when I arrived back home.

By the way while heading back home, I called sis to ready son's tuition bag so that I can send to him at tuition. The book he wanted is in the bag. I feel that there's a car that hit my back, but I wasn't sure and it was long jam and I didn't able to get down to see. The new PERODUA MYVI in silver color hurry up overtake me and drove away!

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