Wednesday, June 20, 2018

No more computer class in primary school

The school has notice saying that there's no more computer class, so the school will finished at 12.30pm on Monday and Thursday. Usually the time was 1pm finished. Now Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday finished at 1pm, this is for Standard 1 to 3.

The tuition time for Sean finished at 3.30pm on Monday and Tuesday. Usually it ends at 4pm on these days.

Yeah need to get use to the new schedule in school as time table has changed as well. Next week will start schooling, but this week kids have started their tuition. Son's classmates are on vacation though they have tuition in school.

Most parents been asking why there's no more computer class in school. This two weeks of tuition class in Standard 6, Sean told me that the canteen in school not selling much of food so there's lack of choice for purchase food. Today he told me he just bought Ribena drink to drink as breakfast. 

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