Friday, July 13, 2018

Where's my parcel?

It's my first time that get many calls from Citilink, yeah asking me again and again whether I have received the parcel or not  The parcel is supposed to reach me in June but til now I never receive so I have inform the pic of it and pic ask their client.

Today two calls from Citlink staff, one female, another is male both asking me the same question. If I have received sure I know as its a big box not a small box. Some more I have even look up and down they even asking me whether its at the office or not and ask my address given is home or office. They said that very clear that their drive have send me. I asked back who is the one that signed it as there is usual we need to signed papers when received the parcel. The lady on phone told me it's been too long not able know who is the one that had signed.

If I have taken surely I know and have done the review on the products.

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