Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Mak Blog Contest week 3 update

As you know I love contest and I am trying my best to gain points. This is the update of Big Mak Blog Contest Week 3 top 15 Contestants. If you have not take part, you can still have time. We can both get points too, you just need to mention referral is me. You get three points, I get five points.

They are 48 participants now and I know they will be more to take part! I love to check out Makoys blog beside his contest. One post that attracted me is the Miscarriage and Oscars Night Part 1. We should not take this easily because this is related to life!

Her case was similar like mine but I was not pregnant. I was having high fever at work, my Supervisor does not allow me to go see doctor or go home. How can a supervisor know your pain as he or she is not you at all? I am happy to say that I am no longer working with her.

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