Friday, February 20, 2009

Google Adsense or Infolinks?

Tell me which you think is better? Google Adsense or Infolinks? I have removed Infolinks from this blog because it is earning much. I know my blog still page rank zero, so let it slow and easy.

Since my other accounts has been hacked. I am still trying my best to use my new accounts. So far my twitter account has got 592 updates. How about yours?

Let me know if you are able to use the accounts which have hacked. I really like to know.


  1. I don't have infolinks. I have google adsense but I don't earn any. I have twitter, but don't know what to do with it. :)
    How come your account has been hacked? Any advice you can give us to avoid that?

  2. hi Grace, I think the best way to prevent it happened is to change the password often.

  3. Hi This is Sherin, winner of the Infolinks 2009 April Challenge. I personally recommend infolinks with proper configurations and integration with Google AdSense.

    Grace may have not earning money because of the improper placement. Visit this links:



    Have a look and decide yourself whether required to use infolinks and how to place adsense


    Sherin - The Money Maniac blogger

  4. With few thousand clicks a month from adsense I get less than Infolinks which makes me say go to Infolinks. I have both on same site, they're working fine - I had no issues so far.
    I found another problem with adsense, revenue, cpm, ect are numbers that will be chnaged form one day to another. Say you make $12 for may 15, 2009 - if you check the status on May 25, revenue earned for may 15 went down to $4.50. It does not make any sense to me... not to mention google anaylitics which shows different reports for same site, same dates.
    Go figure.



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