Monday, March 16, 2009

Pieces and Sagittarius

Do you like to know about your horoscope? My best friend Sam celebrated her birthday not long ago. She is Pisces and this month will be the month filled with opportunities and rewards. She is set to make the changes she has been working towards, thus bringing new status or expansion. Travel plans may materialise. Oppurtunities when sociliasing are numerous, whether to help her in business or career, or in finding new romance. Yeah I think she gets it this time as her friend gives a cake, a bouquet flower, and silver bracelet.

To my SAGITTARIUS friends, positive energy comes your way brining recognition and good partnerships, and allowing travel plans to turn into migration or a chance to work abroad. It's a time to widen your horizons. Long-term tie-ups in love is possible. There is a chance to makes changes, so be bold.

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