Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why my finger is feeling numb?

Yeah right now my finger is feeling number. The finger I am referring to is my right hand's finger. I am using my right hand more than the left hand. I am right handed and I am checking on posts that I have dugg in Makoy's contest. Yeah it has been hours I am sitting down and my butt is feeling very warm.

I am so excited to find out that the Big Mak Blog Contest is going to announce winner at 8pm this Friday night. Yeah I am also waiting for my shopping blog to have makeover. Cathy emailed me that she will do it by tonight!


  1. WOW. Nice layout you have at shopping blog.

  2. @Rosa, thanks I won the makeover from a contest. :)

  3. Hi Sherry,

    I'm from the UK and I won two competitions - both were the same prize - two long weekends in New York. One was won with British Ariways and one with Virgin Airways ... long story but I also finished up with a free flight to Barbados - all through entering competitions.


  4. @Phil, that is good! Glad to know you won that is fantastic do you enjoy the trip?


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