Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recession time, saving time!

Since it is recession time, I am sure you know that it is time to save up money! I love shopping but I cannot shop for things I like any more. I have thought of buying a laptop which I planned since last year. I might be able to buy but the budget will be cut! Recession saving tips is here for everyone to have a look!

My friend Makoy is a Filipino blogger working in Singapore. Makoy's has got four blogs to share with you. One of them is The Certified Pinoy Blogger! I do not know that Filipina is referred to a woman. Filipino is for men. Thanks to Makoy, I learn a new word!

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  1. " I do my best save 30% of my earnings pero ang hirap talaga..
    What I do is I registered my account into online banking and
    check my balance from time to time to see it grow. it encourages
    me to save more... i dunno sa ibang banks pero sa bpi (well,
    most of us has this) eto > http://www.expectmorefreedom.ph/"


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