Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tanaka White 14 days Fairytale Challenge

My friend and myself taken part in Tanaka White 14 days Fairytale Challenge, sad to say that we are not chosen. We send out entries by email and today we have got the sample of Tanaka White & Firm Double Action Essence 5ml sachet worth $15.

I used it but cannot tell you how it feels like as its only one time usage. I know that it is slim chance that we will get chosen.

We are not beautiful and we do not have the look like the model. My friend was saying that it is unfair they should not do that but like I said you do not have the look, you wil not get the job! This is life and you got to face it.


  1. haha...i also participate in it...

    But i also not chosen, and i also get the sachet worth rm15.

    I am pretty, but i also din win.

    Why i dare to say i am pretty?? Because i confident.
    Understand fren?? Good Luck

  2. care to reveal yourself fren?


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