Wednesday, December 18, 2013

47 Ronin rated 18above

I checked online it is PG13 but this movie 47 Ronin is rated 18 above in Malaysia. I did check with TGV and GSC they pmed me PG13. So which is true? Anyway yesterday I watched the premiere screening of 47 Ronin in 3D with my friend in GSC Tropicanal City Mall.

We were in Hall 4 seating roll K1 and K2, yeah third row near the big screen! My neck a bit stiff now.

I believe this movie is rated 18 above because of violence in the movie, there's beheaded of monster in movie. The actress in Pacific Rim, she's the witch in 47 Ronin, she can changes to fox and human form pretty woman. Not just that she also can changed to fierce dragon, I thought she's only a white fox.

Keanu Reeves never failed me, if you ask if I would watch the movie again. My answer is YES!

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