Thursday, December 19, 2013

Xmas Gift: Leefa from Flenco is here!

I am happy to say that yesterday I received the parcel of Flenco products all the way from Singapore.

I won the Leefa by blogging the giveaway, I won this from Luxury Haven Singapore. Check out her blog, she has many giveaways!

I love this Leefa, it is part loofah and part soap! It is for complete skin care!

Do you know that proper skin care needs both cleaning and exfoliating?

I love this natural loofah wrapped around a pure soap.

Leefa does both, cleaning and exfoliating.

As a result, they help you look, feel and smell truly beautiful.

Based on virgin olive oil, honey and your favourite essential oils wrapped in a natural exfoliant!

It smells good too, I have the Camomile Leefa!

If you like to know more check out their website


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