Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ten Best Dress of Sasa Ladies Day 2013

I have fun join the Sasa Ladies Day at Selagnor Turf Club, I won passes to go this event. I am happy to see many beautiful women, the Ten Best Dress gorgeous ladies, they are so pretty in dress with their unique fascinator or hat. I didn't have picture of them, it was crowded that day but I have chance of standing there to view them.

It is my first time to go Sasa Ladies Day. One lady walked up to ask as if there is warehouse sales in Selangor Turf Club, she dress very casual and ended up back her car. She thought it was Sasa sales, that's why she parked at Invited Guess area. I am not sure if she had pay for the parking, it cost RM6.50.

Not everyone wearing the hat or fascinator! The Selangor Turf Club is nearby Places of Golden Horses Hotel.

You get the chance to bet on the horse if you know which horse to bet.

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