Saturday, March 8, 2014

I need to rest my back

I had a busy day with three trips, which I stated in post if you read the link. Today also I have gone for a challenge, and I am glad I registered and get pamper and feel difference. Why I say I feel so pampered because I don't need to hands on but I get pampered like I am in the beauty centre to have facial. One staff is attending to two person at one time, some maybe three person for the 50 challengers. I am not sure how's the organization going to do for tomorrow, where they will be 100 challengers

Besides the emee explaining the steps, each time the gal also very kind to explain you about goodness of the skin care product.

It is totally worth it to be pampered like a Queen.


  1. Every woman loves to be pampered. I know I do too....
    Btw I have a link to your pages via my blog.... and
    Have a great weekend dear


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