Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shopping shirts for my kids

I am happy today that I bought two shirts for my son, each of them will be having new shirt that they love. The movie Monsters that they like, the usual price for child shirt RM29.90 but today only RM19.90. For eldest son I choose him for adult size because he's no longer fit in children clothes. RM39.90 for today only RM29.90. The pictures taken are all for adult size and I tried the M, L and XL size. The Mickey Mouse in red size is M only and it's not suitable for my son.

I consider the clothing for safe keeping at the moment, I consider I bought them in advance before the Chinese New Year 2015. This must be crazy shopping so early for next year.

The sales is for today only for the above clothing that I tried out at the Uniqlo outlet in Paradigm Mall. 

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