Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mommy, I am so hot!

The weather is hot, especially haze time. So having a bottle of Eau Themale Avene Spring Water is useful. After two years of using this product for refreshing spraying our face. I decided to use cotton for wipe my son's forehead.

After he spray on his face, make sure face's wet. I used the clean cotton to wipe his forehead. It turned out dark on the cotton. You can click above link to view the picture.

He loves using the spray when he's feeling out. Travel in the car for long distance or in jam, he would use for refreshing spray. Mmmm.. maybe I need to let my dear try this, if he's feeling sleepy while driving this would do the trick!

If my dad is feeling sleepy while driving he usually pull over to rest area to wash his face. 

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