Sunday, May 10, 2009

Court 2 , Jalan Kewajipan

I rent out my sis place for $600 and I find out that that is cheap. Someone asking me that how much I am renting it out and said it is cheap. She rented the apartment for $650 and she has to go another go maybe 3rd floor or 4th floor.

As I know my sis place is on the first floor and we have painted the place and also repair everything which cost me $1380.

I am hoping to rent her place out ASAP as it is empty since 11 April, 2009.

Edit Feb 2010. The apartment not available for now.


  1. Cheap at RM600 but still no takers? You can start lower first, but raise the rental next year. Have the person renting your apartment sign only one year contract and not more than that.

  2. yeah foongpc its cheap as I got to know other rent for $650.


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