Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ladies lose your handbag!

This morning I went out with my friend to a shopping mall and I was told by this lady promoter that there have been theft incidents in the area of Subang, USJ, and PJ Old Town. She told me that she was carrying her three year old son at the wet market on Sunday morning at 11. Then the motorist came by and pull her necklace, first attempt is not success and the motorist once again come and snatch it this time they have got it. Her son fall down to the roadside as the motorist pulled her necklace.

It is very thin necklace which cost merely $300. She ended up having torn top, lucky there is someone there to help her. Her wallet has been snatch too! She went report this matter to police and she was told that there have been many cases.

Ladies are advice not to bring along your handbag! But as you know most woman that are working will need to bring handbag if not how are they going to put their keys and wallet?


  1. That's scary cos I live around Subang USJ too. I do not wear jewellery not even a ring. Perhaps we should wear baggy pants and clothes to keep our keys and wallet :)

  2. yeah I was even told that the police are not happy to see many cases as they have not got enough staff

  3. That's really scary Sherry. I am also leaving my handbag when it's not really needed.

    By the way I've added this to my blogroll!

  4. @Jade, it takes such a long time see your comment here. thanks for adding me. :)


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