Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's First

The other day, we have celebrated Mother's Day and my dad is obviously very jealous of my mom. I got a snap shot picture with my mom and dad is looking jealous! It is obvious because I can see it straight from my dad's face.

I do not see my mom often and I know that I do not share many pictures with her. So I took the day of Mother's Day to snap a picture with her.

Do you know that dad's get jealous too? Tell me if this have happened to you too. Don't ask me to choose between them, I LOVE THEM BOTH! There is no replacement for either of them.


  1. I don't think my dad will get jealous in such a situation. Hmm, very funny of your dad to get jealous...

  2. hi foogpc yeah I dont know why he act that way. :)

  3. Next time you can treat him for Father's Day. I'm sure he'll be very happy :)

  4. @Nessa will plan for that. :)


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