Sunday, May 31, 2009

How much EC can you cash out?

Tell me if you have try out the cash out system which available at Entrecard. I have signed up cash out but not sure how much ec one member is allowed to cash out. Anyone care to share your view?

How long will the progress of cash out take? I mean you need to wait how long to be able to see the cash out in your paypal account?

I am still using the ec for advertising my blog.


  1. I have cashed out (or tried to) 5000 EC credits, that should translate to USD5.00. They have deducted my EC points but I haven't received any payments yet.

    I don't know if there are any limits for cashing out.

  2. hi Nessa, I think you got to wait 3 weeks :) lets start the counting.

  3. i have signup cash out, but i am still waiting for approval. how long thats will take? is your approved already?

  4. hi Rosa, I think I waited a month. As I just used my other blog to sign up too and still not approve yet.


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