Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun in taking part in contest and blogging

I am having so much fun in taking part in contest as well as blogging. Well, I am still need of time to digest my winning. Most of my winning are ad space so you could see that my ads striking on the blogsphere.

Do you think I need to check out the ads that I won? I haven't check them all yet. I don't know if they have put up my ads til the last day of my ads deadline.

You know if I have not used Entrecard, I have no idea that there's so many contest going around the blogsphere. I know there are offline and online contest. As online contest, it would take about 10 min or more for me to take part.

As for offline contest, it would take even more time as I need to fill up the form attached the receipt. That's not all as I have to write the address to post the contest form and put on the stamp as well. Then I need to go find post office box to mail them.

What do you think?

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