Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Please help us

Oh yeah I am not so happy about this as this email also get through in my inbox at rocketmail.

Please help us
Hello friend,I am sorry for intruding into your privacy. My name is Lolly Stevens, I am a from Wales, United Kingdom. I am contacting you because I need your help as a beneficiary to claim the sum of Twenty Million Dollars deposited in a security company by my late father. Since his death my family and I have been unable to claim the funds because they request a foreign beneficiary outside U.K. we are willing to reward you with seven million dollars for your help. please reply me back at ( lollystevens1@yahoo.com.hk ) I shall give you the whole details. Have a nice day.
Lolly Stevens


  1. Just ignore it and delete the mail. Or report as spam mail. That is what I will do. In fact, I try not to open any emails I do not know who the sender is to prevent my computer from being infected with viruses.


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