Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I love your blog award

I have received an award from Angel , the author of Humane Blogging Tips . A nice blog blogging tips for humans. Angel sees my blogs grow from nothing to something. :)

Anyway, I need to pass this award to at least seven other blogger that I truly love and so without further ado, here they are with a link to their homepage.

Diane whose celebrated her 25 Birthday Contest and I won $5 from her contest. She's a proud mama of 3 year old boy.

Pangeran whose very happy now as he won $10 from AmirulCyber and also owner of new ipod in UBD contest.

Amirul whose author of the blog AmirulCyber that I recently won $10 from for being 3rd Top Commentator with total numbers of 344 comments. Amirul's blog a great blog for you to find out about make money online program list.

Annie whose author of The Journey, where I recently won a free website from. She's 37 weeks pregnant now. She helped me to set up my "Heart Random" blog.

Ganesh a 14 year old kid from India. He is a proud owner of Blog Smartly . I am still choosing the Revolution theme that I won in his contest.

Tara whose author of The WAHM blog, where I found this post Becareful using PayPal very interesting.

Shanker Bakshi who has recently announced the Let's Win Contest Together, it's the first blog where I sponsored my ad space of 125x125 in Shopping and I Luv Contest blog for the contest.

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