Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cash & EC Giveaway

This is the chance everyone is waiting for. You are not just going to win Cash but entrecard credit too. All this is happening at Script Debate dot com. The prize which everyone like to know about.

You can enter the contest with a few way, one simple way is subscribed to the site via email and leave a comment there. Another way is blog about this contest and don't forget send a trackback. You can also choose to stumble/digg/technorati fav the blog. If you like do all and you gain more entries to win.

Winner will get $50 Cash via paypal and 2,000 EC
1st Runner Up will get $30 Cash via paypal and 1,000 EC
2nd Runner Up will get $10 Cash via paypal and 500 EC

Contests ends on 31 May, so hurry up check out the contest.

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