Friday, May 23, 2008

Credit card

Do you have enough money to spend? I think it would depend on how you spend the money. I think not many people carry cash on hand to go shopping. Most of them would have apply credit card as it's more convenient and your wallet won't look so bulky too. This remided me that I do know someone with a bulky wallet. Guessed what inside the wallet? It's all cards!

I feel that having a credit card is a big responsibility you have got to know how to control the usage of it. It's really fun having one but it could also caused you in trouble. I like to share with you a website I found that you might find it useful. Your credit network dot com it's all about credit card offer and you could do a research and compare the credit cards online before applying for any credit card.

One of my friends telling me that some students that are studying in college are having credit cards on hand. I must say that they are so lucky because their parents are the one giving them the credit cards. So they are the one using the credit cards and whose paying the bill? Who else? If you are thinking of applying a credit card you could check on the site to find out how to use credit wisely.

My sister has a credit card and she's always paying her bill on time. There was a time she late payment and she was charge with late payment. There are advantage and disadvantage in using a credit card. By the way there's low interest credit cards available and you could get instant approval credit cards. If you aren't sure of anything the best way to do is do a survey and research then compare them before making the final decision.

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