Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Learning new language

Frankly speaking lately I have got several comment with Pinoy language. Hehehe... honestly speaking I don't understand the language at all. I am always open up to learn new language. Its nice and good to know extra language on hand. Who knows it might be useful someday.

Since I started using the entrecard, I have got to know most blogger from Philipino. Over here if I wanted to learn new language like Japanese or Korean or French it would be costly. They have like beginner, intermediate, advance, etc. Each level would be costing around $300. Don't think that the level is just beginner, they have actually break up the level to beginner 1, beginner 2 and beginner 3 depending on their course.

By the way do you know how many visitors or readers reading your blog? I think I have a few only. I have seen some blogger with 40 plus or 100 plus some with 1000 plus. Wow... that's pretty cool and these blogs must be so interesting to read about.

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