Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's 9.26pm

My sister just came home and where have she been? I think she just got back from work. She has joined exercise and yoga classes. I didn't think she went today. I did joined the same centre where she went for the exercise and yoga.

I don't think I would be going there again. I like it very much when I joined 10 years ago. But I can see that it's not getting any improvement from the tutor. She used recording tape to teach and I am just bored of it. Sometimes if she's busy there will be another person that teach.

The tutor and her family are not local. They are from Taiwan.

My sister has been complaining that she likes to take days off and by doing that the centre has to be closed. That doesn't sound good at all. Anyway I am just glad that I am not going there any more. As for my sister, she was the first to join before I even join. I think she'll get use to it.

About going to those gym centre it would probably cost more. I don't know but compare the price you have the pay, I would say yeah.

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