Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I won 300EC

Just can't stop talking about this and I love to tell you that I have won EC. 1st Prize 150 EC from Giveaway City that I take participate in the contest OMG I did it contest.

Another contest that I won from Dance of Motherhood on Favourite Mom Blogger Contest. I am one of the Bonus Winners. 150 EC!

Total EC that I won so far 300.

It's not hard to win, you just to enter the contests. Nobody knows whose going to win. Just try your luck and who know you might win too.

Just like to update on my winning, I have forgot that I also won 120EC from Webomatik, you can check out the Winner list . My winning was the 5-14 place prize of 120 EC.

So the total should be 420 EC that I won so far.


  1. hey Sherry thanks for participating in my contest!

  2. yes, I would like to thank you also for participating and congrats on prize(s)!


  3. hi, its fun to enjoy contest and winning too.


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