Thursday, May 15, 2008

Free stuff

What do you like about shopping? I like shopping and what I am looking for is attached with free stuff. Neh... that's not it. I do check out the quality of the item before buying them.

Sometimes you are lucky to buy things you like with Free stuff attached. Things that we normally used like tooth paste, shampoo, body shampoo, soap, etc.

Now the marketing coming with strategies like Spend & Win. You have to be the top spender to get the chance to win. But its hard to say that you are going to be the Winner. As you have no idea how much you have got to spend and win. I think this will only waste your money. Unless its dry food you can keep them but how much will you eat?

Other type of contest like Count & Win. Depend on how many balls you have to guess in the Box and get the chance to win if your answer is correct. I don't like such contest, how to count those balls? Sometime they use golf balls in the contest.

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  1. Sherry I have corrected the problem of email subscription. Now you can subscribe to feeds and enter the contest. Link to contest


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