Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rich vs Poor

This was on my calendar and I didn't even notice it until my sister tear it out. Well, its supposed to be April one I think.

Do you think its true that when you are rich you are popular and a lot people would come to you. I remembered once an old classmate called me to borrow $1000 from me. I was like huh.. for a start she didn't even ask me whether I have the money or not. It's scary to know that such a long time you didn't get a call from her and suddenly she's called up because of money. I didn't borrow her the money as I do not have the money. Worst is that she's borrowing money from friends on behalf of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend's business wasn't doing well and she's helping him out. But I don't hear any say from her boyfriend.

About the Calendar so what's on it and what it say? Here goes and I hope you don't take hard. Following is what stated on the calendar of the April Month.

When you are poor,
You will have no visitors even if you live in a crowded
Once you are rich,
you'll be surprised by visits from alleged relatives even if you live
in a remote location.

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