Saturday, May 17, 2008

Motherboard CPU

A few posts back I told you about dad's computer something wrong. We know what's wrong. His CPU motherboard spoiled and fixed $350. Any idea why is it motherboard spoiled?

The Acer computer only bought in 2004. Just a few years back and it's so fast spoiled. According to my dad it's his friend that fixed his computer.

Oh yeah my dad came over and bought us Durian. Yummy, I love this fruit and I never get bored eating it. I like either bitter or sweet but I love best its bitter taste. Have you try it before? Is it available at your place? How much it cost?

Many people that are not from here, started loving to eat this fruit. Although some people doesn't like the smell of it but they say the taste is okay. Durian is King of Fruit.

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  1. oh durian, it smells like hell but tastes like heaven ika nga favorite.


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