Sunday, May 11, 2008

Need advice

I have been thinking of changing my current templete. I wanted to know if I change to new templete will my blog lost something? I mean like the side bar that I have the widgets on. I am thinking of changing my blog to 3 column templete. It's easy to say but also thinking about how to do that.

Still not very clear about it and will find out more when I got the time. My sister just call me saying that she will be coming to stay with me for a few days because she has a lot work to do. I bet she does because her company's internet connection is real slow and making her work unfinished.

My dad called me too telling me that his computer CPU taken by his friend to check. Hopefully he could take it back on Wednesday. My dad also saying at his place there are new restaurants opening like KFC and DOMINO pizza hut.


  1. hi, i changed my template. i lost my widgets even my links that's why i'm still recovering until now. ok lang yung iba madali ibalik like cbox,etc pero yung links di ko alam. so if u r able to save them pls share w/me cuz i want to change it to 3 column too but i'm scared still.
    good luck. daldal ko.

  2. yes. some widgets will erase when u change the theme. u need to backup the code first and start designing your blog again. :)

  3. Hi hi!!1 I think you should consider switching to a 3- to 4- column template. Gives you lots more space to put widgets! You can check around for some good and clear step-by-step tutorial on how to do it just simple add-ons to your current blogger template! :)
    Good Luck!

  4. thanks you guys, I think it would take me sometimes to know about how to change the template. I am a very slow learner.


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