Monday, May 26, 2008

Sis coming over

My sister has sms me and saying that she will be coming to overnight from tomorrow for 2 nights. Yeah its due to her work she can't finish at office because the system is slow. She will need to use my computer and internet to access and continute with her work at night.

I know she's working hard and her employer rely on her. I do hope that they are not giving her too much work. She told me that her company has hire new staff but they can't do the job like been told and she has to do it herself.

Whatever it is I am sure they are paid for their job and they shouldn't take things for granted. Yes everyone has mistake and you'll learn from mistake and avoid such mistake again in future. Patience has a lot to do with work whether you like it or not.


  1. hi just stopping by to say hello. have a great day.

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