Sunday, May 25, 2008

Warning dad about such spam

I am getting again such spam email saying that I won lottery. I am warning my dad about it as well. I hope he doesn't fall for it. He's very new in Internet and since his motherboard has change he saying that can't access to other page. I am helping him out by sending the link of websites that he wants to go.

It's Monday, tell me what you did on weekends. Yesterday I went to shopping mall and you kno what? I have to go round in circle for a few times because they closed the carpark. I thought they have open up as passing by saw a man walking down. Who knows when going to there again it's still closed. On the last round I didn't go the same entrance again. I went to the other entrance and I manage to get in but half to look for parking half hour.

Going in is easy but getting out is the hard part. Traffic is a nightmare as everyone is wanting to go home the same time. I saw cars coming in still and I think they are watching late night movie.

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