Friday, May 16, 2008

Cyber danger

Today I think they are many people that know about blogging and do you there's cyber danger? Well, not many people think there's. I am sure you know about the network MySpace where a teen has committed suicide . There's danger where nobody know about.

Beside identity theft, there's more behind. Just have to beware of everything you are going to blog about as well. Sometimes telling too much of yourself making other to target you. Internet is a place where we could connect with the whole world. So you don't really know if the person you are chatting or befriend with is real or fake.

Children that know about blogging and internet, parents should beware of them. Don't think that they are at safe at home but how about in their bedroom? It's best to take note of what they are doing and chat with them. Find out about who they have befriend with and what they are doing online.

Not long ago, there was a case where a woman's photo has been taken without her consent. This woman's photos was take from her network account that she has not been using for a few years. Maybe you have heard of this before, its Friendster.

I am sure they are many things that we didn't know about. So best to take caution on whatever you are doing. Maybe you don't agree with me. That's okay just let me know about your view.

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