Friday, August 8, 2008

Bloggers: Get $50 via PayPal from MoreMerchant

Oh yeah this is another one which I like to share with you. I am sure everyone like me want to know how to make more money save more money. So where to go from there? More Merchant will be the blog I am checking out more often on budget tips.

Almost forgot, do you want to know about Bloggers: Get $50 via PayPal ? It's real simple just write a post with good keywords such as Make Money, Budget Tips, Credit Scores, etc. Then link with some good words from above. It must be a follow link. That is it.

One condition Jake Rinard owner of the blog ask that you do not delete this post for 45 days. After that you can do what you wish.

Here is the payout schedule:

PR 5 or better blog: $50
PR 4: $30
PR 3: $20
PR 2: $10

He have already paid the first 10 people who post properly and email him through the MoreMerchant Contact Page above. No more than 1 payout per domain/owner.

Now, its matter of luck whether you get paid or not. If you want to know more about it can click on the link above to find out.


  1. hey new template! Cool, I just changed my template, template, well maybe you saw it yesterday!
    Yours looks good!

  2. This is a neat idea! Thank you for sharing Sherry.

    So how much did you get dear? DO you have a high PR?

  3. well I did not get any just trying out my luck. no high PR..

  4. danandmarsh, I like your new blog. :)


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