Monday, August 4, 2008

Put weight on blogging

Well, I have been kind of busy attending to contests and also been busy to drop EC. Sorry if I have missed you. I must say that I have really put weight on blogging. Hmm... let see if this is right way to say it.

I mean that personally I have been putting on weight as I am spending more time on Internet than other stuff. Yeah lack of exercise is one thing because I am sitting down more. Yes I expect that my bum getting bigger too. LOL

Tell me if you are having the same like me. I think guy won't get as much as gals do. Do you feel that woman gained weight easily? I personally think YES!

I also see that I do put weight on my blogs too. Trying to maintain all at once but I know I am really handful now. I won a 2 months of web hosting plan P30. I really don't know what to do about it.


  1. its on the right bar on top of the Everday Blog. You don't see it?

  2. That's not page.
    That's sidbar text...

  3. I am still working on the the blogs.. so you think its necessary to have the "About Page" since there is the side bar text available.

  4. Yes, ofcoz...
    You may want to read this...

  5. ok.. let me figure out how to do this.. still not very good at this.

  6. it's pauline from berrie sweet picks. where you for me to ask the company if shipping to you (if you win) is okay?

  7. hi sherry, thanks for dropping by at my blog. yeah, i boiled the unripe banana and eat it but of course you have to take out the skin. hehe it's good when paired with salty stuff like fried fish. :)

  8. Thanks for the add. I have added you to my blogroll too.

    -shaxx -

  9. don't worry sherry, you're not alone, hehe. i'm a lot of bloggers there are like us. i need to get back working out, lol.

  10. hi pauline, thank you for informing me :)

    hi michelle, wow.. I have not tried that before. Wonder how it taste like.

    bdp, thanks for the link :)

    hi liza, oh yeah.. lets do it..

  11. oh yeah ... since I am attached to EC.. I am so addicted :)


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