Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great Blog Post Trains by Life is Colourful

Oh yeah I like the title and do you know what this is about? This is the post on how you can increase your Backlinks and Technorati Authority . If you know or like any good article around the blogsphere. Here's the chance for to you to show it off.

Personally, I like Make Money In Offline Contests by DaBlogger .

So here is what you need to do - follow the rules! :)
*** Beginning of Great Blog Posts ***
Life is Colourful has started a great blog posts train, that would help to compile some of the best articles around the web giving due respect to the blog post author.
Rule 1: Write a short blurb on this unique idea of giving due respect to great blog posts you like from your favorite bloggers.
Rule 2: Copy the content from “Beginning of Great Blog Post” upto “End of Great Blog Post” and paste it in your blog post
Rule 3: The line you add should comprise of “your site name” likes “your favorite great blog post from other blog than yours”. For example: Life is Colourful likes Auto article on Difference between all wheel drive and four wheel drive
Rule 4: Your favorite blog post can be your own blog post or from another blog you like. The blog post should be worth reading and you imagine, other bloggers would laugh at your taste.
Rule 5: Make sure you contact the bloggers and insist they participate so they can keep this going.
Rule 6: Come back to the original post and comment or contact us, so we can add your line in our post increasing your backlinks and technorati authority.
Great Blog Posts
Life is Colourful likes How to host a contest
Best Travel Tips likes Foreign travel tips on drinking water
SMI likes How to survive volatile stock market
Giveaway City likes Reasons To Start Your Own Blog
Cash In Style likes I Found Traffic Xplode 2.0
Danandmarsh In Oz likes Finding Your Passion
Sherry Rambling likes Make Money In Offline Contests

Add your favorite blog post here
*** End of Great Blog Posts ***
Alright, so start posting about this, comment here and we will update the list with latest contributers to this great blog post train.


  1. Another post train...
    This is really becoming the in thing

  2. yeah.. its kind of like trend.


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