Friday, August 22, 2008

Dear Beloved

I wonder if you have got such email like this... I got it today. The subject in the email is "Dear Beloved". Below is the email, you can see...

From Mahdi Mamadou Jnr
20 Rue Avenue, BP 102,cocody,
Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Phone; +22507515501
Dear Beloved,

My name is Mahdi Mamadou Jnr, i am 17years and i am from from Sierra Leone. i am an orphan being that i lost my mother at a very tender age and my father Dr. Mahdi Mamadou who was serving as director of the Cocoa exporting board in Abidjan, Ivory Coast until his death, He died on the 1st October (2004) by some undisclosed people who i greatly suspect to be his business associates through food poison .Before the death of my father, he deposited the sum of $8M USA Dollars in a Bank / Finance House and he left an instruction that the money is strictly for investments aboard and be given to me when i am upto 25 years or above because it is an agreement that my late father signed with the bank and used me as his next of kin because i am his only child.

Because of the hostile behaviour of my fathers brothers, and there constant threats to kill me, i had to run away , and it was on these situation that i contacted you .My father's brothers have taken my father's car, and our house and because the my elders, there was nothing i could do than to run for my dear life because i did not want them to also take the fund deposit documents .i decided to make haste to see that these money is transfered to your account in your country so t hat i can leave these country before something bad happens to me.

I want you to do me a favour to assist me transfer the money to your country as my Guardian and Investor, and also you will assist me travel to your country and continue my education. i have plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial production. This is my reason for writing to you.

Please if you are willing to assist me, kindly contact me by replying to my email to you and give me your full name, address, telephone, fax numbers and profession, so that i will have more confidence in you and i shall guive to you the contact ofthe bank where my father deposited the money and also the deposit documents. i have mapped out 60% for myself, 25% for your cordial assistance and 10% for charity homes like the less priviledged because that was the vow i made to Allah and 5% for any expenses incured by you in therms of this transaction maybe through telep hone calls, sending emails, transportaion etc .

Finally if you have any question as regards this transaction, please dont fail to ask me. Please note that the confidentiality of this transaction would be highly appreicated, Please reply as soon as possible. This is my private box
Thanks and God bless you.
Mahdi Mamadou jr.


  1. Hi Sherry..haven't it filtered as a spam by your email? There are around 40 if i have to count how many i have received like this so far actually...

  2. filter is flooded by these emails

  3. Hi there,

    I have not been dropping for awhile as I am busy with my WP blog - Father Blogger dot Com (not an Entrecard member) and promoting it through forum posting, better than EC as real visitors (not plain droppers) are visiting my blogs.

    Anyway, I am amazed with your new template as it is very far excellent than your previous one.

    For the email issue, I strongly suggest that you ignore (not even open) such kind of spam emails. Once you open them, more spam mails will be coming in. The best advice would be delete messages from strangers.

    Another blog tip - disable the "word verification" for commentators as it is annoying and may drive them away.

    After all, you can moderate comments and approve only the ones you like.

    Good luck!

  4. You're RICH!!! lol

    (Can't they use a more established country or something?)

  5. hi Angel thanks for coming by, will work with that soon.

    wenbin maybe you can email and ask them? LOL


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