Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I won Bronze Medal

Do you still remembered the MTMD Page Rank Olympics contest . Well, I am so happy to see that I have won Bronze Medal and a $25 Cash Prize.

Winning bronze with the third highest technorati increase was Sherry Rambling with an increase of +6.

Matt gave this rambling blog a review too.

Sherry Rambling is a personal blog in which the blogger shares her thoughts, ramblings and things that interests her. The content is completely random, but usually revolves around some aspect of blogging and you can find some helpful tidbits to improve your own blog here from time to time.

Be sure to find out who are Winners of Gold Medal and Silver Medal at Winners of MTMD Page Rank Olympics . Once again Congratulations to Winners.


  1. Congratulation !!
    You can also join my blog contest to win 400EC and 2weeks of Advertise Banner in my blog =)

    2 Steps to win !!

  2. Congratulations for the win! The medal looks cool! Will be a good collector's item. You might want to sell it on ebay?

  3. congrats sherry from aeirin of biz-n-honey

  4. hi Foogpc, yeah its nice looking on the blog here.


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