Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Diane

It's 31 August, its a special day to Malaysia. Happy Merdeka to Malaysia and that's not all. It's also Diane's Birthday too. Happy Birthday to Diane and she's having a Birthday Contest that you might be interested to take part.

Here are the Prizes: $10 paypal money for the first winner and $5 for the second. I will also pick 4 people to win my 12 scrapbooking magazines( this is already used magazines).
So here are the mechanics of my contest:
1. Blog about this contest and put all my blogs on your post.
A Handful of Surprises
My Paper Scraps
I Am a Nikon Girl
Digitally Diane
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2. Comment here if you are finished posting on your blog. You can increase the chances of winning by posting this contest on all of your blogs. 1 entry per blog.
3. Deadline will be on September 2, 2008, 12 pm(Philippine time). The contest will run for 5 days.
So go and post this contest and win!!!
Thanks and Happy blogging!!!

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