Thursday, August 7, 2008

Social Networking

I am still working on the template here, yeah can't do all blogs at once. I find that there's something missing from every post. Can you see it? I don't see the date at all. Is that normal?

Other than that the social networking that I am talking about will be twitter, digg, Stumble Upon, etc. Which I have signed up and currently using.

I will put one Page above so that everyone can stay connect with me easily. What do you think of that? I think about put the Page name as "Connect w/Sherry". Do you get what it means? Its a short form for "Connect with Sherry".

I am still struggling to find the cartridge for my printer. It seemed that the brand is not selling at many store. There's a store I found the brand but not the right one that I am using. I am looking for black colour cartridge.

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