Friday, August 1, 2008

Work in Progress

As you can see that I am really working hard on changing the template, it took me hours to do it. I know some people can just do it in just minutes or half an hour?

Now I like my new template and I don't think I want to change this blog at the moment. Thanks to Angel who kept encourage me to change template. I done it! But won't be a success without the help from Asim with the Changing Your Template post.

I am still in learning process and work in progress for this and nameSherry blog. I think I need to do a baby step at a time. My mind and eyes will go squink if I do all at a time.

Oh the right bar you see the About and Disclosure Policy, I was sitting down all day figuring out how to do it. Yeah you really need to play around to know it. I do worry I messed it all up. If I did, you think there's a solution for it?

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