Friday, August 22, 2008

Sorry no reply from me yet

I have been getting message on Entrecard and I still don't have the time to reply them. It will take some times as I am real tired and having pain in my butt. I have been sitting on the same spot with my computer and feeling real negative heat too.

Just wanting to get away for a while. Get away would be going for holiday or travel? Neh... no money for that.

In the mean time you can enjoy the awesome post that I found on the blogsphere.

DaBlogger on 10 Reasons to use the email signature.

Pay to blog- is it advisable? by Make Money Online

Making Money Online By Begging by TheNetFool

I always like to hang out to check on these blogs.

Something I like to share I think I am having problem with Socialspark posts. Well, one post seemed to be "initial rejected" not sure why is that. Another which I just did actually have been remove as its not listed in the posts that I did in account. Strange maybe its because of the ads links which getting in the way?


  1. Nice recommended readings. DO take out time and reply. Who knows you may get some kinda good opportunity.

    The Nonsense Blog

  2. thanks guttu, I will work out time to reply.


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