Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is using public computer safe?

I have been wanting to know is using public computer safe? Yeah I did used before but I didn't know there are things to check on. How about you?

Places that have public computer usually are Airport, Internet Cafe, Library, etc. Do you check the back of computer before using any of the computer? I never. Now I think everyone should start checking whether there's any extra device at the back of it.

New storing device fits at the end of the keyboard cable connecting to the PC specialized to save all typed keys in it…
Mostly could be used in net cafes, exhibitions, hotels and airports therefore be careful especially the people who use the internet in these places to enter their bank accounts online or any other important sites.
After you enter the bank account and leave the PC it will be easy to open your account again as all what you have typed has been saved in the Black device.

Therefore, you should check the PC for any suspicious piece behind it before using the net in public places for important sites.
Please send it to all who you know to educate them against this fraud.


  1. Thanks for this valuable info! I think it's safer to get your own laptop and use it in public.

  2. This is very informative. Thank you very much for sharing. Although I use the Internet at home, maybe someday I would be using outside and this knowledge you shared would really come handy. ^^

  3. hi foogpc and webloglearner glad to know this info help you both.


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