Friday, August 1, 2008

First Contest Winner

I was just checking and replying my email, to my surprise I received 1,000 . Wow, what did I win? I am Winner of Jeflin's Investment of his 1000EC giveaway . Oh yeah I won 1000EC and I am really happy about it. I won in his First Contest it was so easy to take part.

All I have to do is subscribed to his blog RSS feed by email. You can check out Jeflin's Investment for his thought about the Singapore Stocks and property market. He has been a retail investor for local stock for many years.

It's indeed a great blog for you to check out.


  1. two months? not too long. but congratulations. ANyways, yes. it is bad to stay sitting all the time. i even started my dancing back yesterday and some crunch up because winter is comin ìg back and sweat will be difficult to produce again in few months...

    BTW, the following is my reply to your post in my post/blog:

    @ Sherry,
    Maybe someday I will consider a chatbox. For now, I let it beside. After all, i don't leave messages in chatboxes so i assume my visittors to do the same. My higher aim for my blog is interaction and traffic or personal "hi's" and "hellos" are secondary for me... sorry if your time was spent more due to lack of shout box but you need not worry because it is also returned.

    - The Webbiestuffs, The Webloglearner -

  2. Congrats Sherry! 1000 credits is a lot! :)

  3. wow you have the strategy there. :)


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