Monday, August 25, 2008

Demand Money for fogging service

My dad and came over last week and we have lunch together. He got a called while we are having lunch. My dad's friend called him that they are people trying to force in my dad's home. They are the people that doing fogging activities and demanding for money in the neighbourhood. I am not sure if these fogging services are from private sectors. As I know my dad have told them off that he's not interested on fogging service in his home.

You know what his friend told him on the phone? He said that these people don't care and they are wanting to force entry and gate to get inside to do fogging service. They are charging at least $150 per household. We never asked for their service and never accept their service so they are forcing you to take up their fogging service and demand for money. Maybe because these people are so fierce and violent they are neighbours that paid them money.

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